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ABB automation products

ABB circuit breakers

ABB contactors & overloads

ABB control products

ABB electric motors

ABB enclosed switches

ABB enclosures

Enclosure accessories

IP55 surface-mount enclosures

Junction boxes

ABB fusegear

ABB interface relays

ABB motor starters

ABB push buttons

Push button enclosures

Electronic relays & controls

Time relays

Low-voltage switches

Busway systems & products

Copper busduct


End boxes


Flexible braided connections

Take-off boxes

Cable care

Banding strap

Cable carrier chain

Cable management

Cable handling

Cable looming

Fixings & clips


Cable ties

Cable tie accessories

Cable tie mounts & bases

Coloured cable ties

Metal pigment PVC cable ties

Natural cable ties

Special cable ties - fire resistant etc

Stainless-steel cable ties

UV cable ties

Din rail

Electrical tape



Fuse HRC


A2F compression glands - Ex

CX/CZ captive component glands

E1EX captive component glands

Fire-rated glands

Gland shrouds

IGA2 cable glands

IGCW cable glands

Non-certified accessories

Nylon glands

Sealing compounds

SWA captive component glands

Weatherproof SWA glands

Heat shrink

Black heat shrink

End caps

PVC sleeving

White heat shrink

Zip wrap repair sleeve

Hexagonal insulators

Lugs & reducers

Aluminium lugs

Barrier and reducing links

Bell mouth lugs

Bi metal lugs

Crimp links

Crimp lugs

Long palm long barrel lugs

Narrow palm circuit breaker lugs

Stalk lugs


Blue bullet terminals

Blue flanged fork

Blue flat blade

Blue fork spade

Blue hook blade terminals

Blue pin terminals

Blue quick connect

Blue ring terminals

Cord end terminals

Female socket connectors

Hook blade terminals

Red bullet terminals

Red butt connectors

Red flanged fork

Red flat blade

Red fork spade

Red hook blade terminals

Red pin terminals

Red quick connect terminals

Red ring terminals

Uninsulated cord end terminals

Uninsulated pin connectors

Uninsulated quick connect terminals

Uninsulated ring terminals

Uninsulated terminals

Yellow bullet terminals

Yellow butt connectors

Yellow flat blade

Yellow fork spade

Yellow quick connect terminals

Yellow ring terminals


Cable laying products

Balloon line carriers

Cable grips, socks & guides

Cable guide bends

Cable laying accesories

Manhole products

Parallel groove clamps



Caddy products



Caddy speed links

Clamps & clips

Seismic bracing systems

Structural attachments






Run capacitors

Start capacitors

Clearance items

ABB products

Critec - clearance

Electric motors - clearance

Geared motors - clearance

Lightning protection products - clearance

Potentiometer controllers

Pulleys - clearance

Soft starters

Vari speed drives - clearance

Conveyor components

Conveyor belting

Conveyor chain

Feet & brackets

Roller conveyors

Covid-19 supplies

First-aid & emergency room supplies

Floor markers

Hand sanitiser


Signs & labels

Coronavirus prevention

Face masks

Sanitising hands signs

Social distancing

Wash hands

Data, comms & fibre optic products

10 inch patch panels

19 inch free standing racks

19 inch patch panels

19 inch power panels

19 inch wall cabinets

19 inch wall cabinet brackets

Amdex cables

Audio, voice & phone

ADSL filters


Phone cords

Phone cradles

Record books

Voice splitters and adaptors

Wall boxes

Cabling accessories

Couplers - adaptors

Ethernet network products

Fibre ducting raceway


Mounting solutions


Straight duct length



Fibre optics



Coupler panels

Enclosures & closures

Fusion splicers



SC, SC duplex, ST & LC coupler panels

Splice kits

Fibre patch leads

LCD screens, switches & cables

Mini patch panels

Modular plugs

Patch leads

0.5m patch leads

1.5m patch leads

10m patch leads

1m patch leads

2m patch leads

3m patch leads

5m patch leads

Public address system products


Splitters & adaptors

Surface mount boxes


Cable pullers

Crimping tools

Punch down tools

Stripping tools

Termination tools

Testing tools

Underground joint dome enclosures

Wall plates

Classic range

Mounting blocks

Standard range

Electric motors - Air movement

Axial fans

Belt-driven evaporative cooling motors

Evaporative Cooler Pumps

Evaporative cooling motors - variable speed

RCT85 band mount shaft down evaporative motors

RCT85 extended rods shaft up evaporative motors

RCT85 extended shaft tacho groove motors

Evaporative heating motors - variable speed

Evaporative pumps

Fans and accessories

Fasco motors

Lug mounted fan motors

RCT52 Fridgemaster motors

RCT85 Double shaft blower motors

RCT85 Single shaft blower motors

RCT85 Single shaft condenser fan motor

Rocket ship - evaporative cooling motor

Spare parts & accessories

Special fan motor

Electric motors - Brake motors

AC Brake motors

Brake components

DC Brake motors

Electric motors - DC motors

Baldor brushes

DC controllers

DC motors

12v & 24v DC motors

180v DC motors - imperial

180v DC motors - mectric

DC spare parts

Resistors & fuses

Electric motors - Nema frame

Electric motors - Servo

ABB BSM series servo motors

Electric motors - Single phase 240V

Bricksaw motors

Cement mixer motors

Compressor motors

Drain cleaner motors

Feeder motors

General purpose B56 frame totally enclosed

2 pole - 2800 rpm

4 pole - 1400 rpm

6 pole - 900 rpm

General purpose IEC frame

2 pole - 2800rpm Flange Mount

2 pole - 2800rpm Foot Mount

4 pole - 1400rpm Flange Mount

4 pole - 1400rpm Foot Mount

6 pole - 900rpm Flange Mount

6 pole - 900rpm Foot Mount

Open drip proof B56 motors

Electric motors - spare parts

Electric motor base and accessories

Electric motor fans

Electric motor terminal blocks

End shields

Fan cowl rain hoods

Fans & fan-forced kits


Single phase overloads

Slide rails

Terminal boxes

Electric motors - Three-phase 415V

2 speed motors

Aluminium motors

1400 rpm - 4 pole

2800 rpm - 2 pole

700 rpm - 8 pole

900 rpm - 6 pole

B56 415v motors

Cast iron motors

2 pole 2800 rpm

4 pole 1400 rpm

6 pole 900 rpm

8 pole 700 rpm

Spare parts

Electric motors - vacuum motors

Electric motors - vibrators

Electrical accessories

Appliance inlets


Direct-on-line starters

Electronic Overloads

Enclosure & covers

Foot switches

Forward reverse switches

General accessories

Single-phase plugs


Sockets extension

Switch & socket combo


Terminal blocks

ABB screw clamp terminal blocks

AKZ terminal blocks

Three-phase plugs



Electrical enclosures

Enclosure accessories

Metal enclosures

Stainless steel enclosures


Bandages, dressings, supplies

Defibrillators & accessories

First-aid kits

First-aid room & rescue

First-aid signs & visuals

Geared motors & gearboxes

DC Gearmotors

Gearmotors BBQ spit

Inline alloy helical (CMC)

CMC 002 16mm solid output shaft - 2 Stage

CMC 012 20mm solid output shaft - 2 Stage

CMC 013 20mm solid output shaft - 3 Stage

CMC 022 25mm solid output shaft - 2 Stage

CMC 023 25mm solid output shaft - 3 Stage

CMC 032 30mm solid output shaft - 2 Stage

CMC 033 30mm solid output shaft - 3 stage

CMC 042 35mm solid output shaft - 2 stage

CMC 043 35mm solid output shaft - 3 stage

Inline alloy hollow bore helical (ATS)

ATS 902 35mm hollow output bore - 2 Stage

ATS 903 35mm hollow output bore - 3 Stage

ATS 912 40mm hollow output bore - 2 Stage

ATS 913 40mm hollow output bore - 3 Stage

Input flange (REQUIRED)

Inline cast iron helical (ITH)

Input flange (REQUIRED)

ITH 112 / 113

ITH 122 / 123

ITH 132 / 133

ITH 142 / 143

ITH Accessories

Mechanical variators

Parallel hollow bore cast iron helical (ITS)

Input Flange (REQUIRED)

ITS 922 / 923

ITS 932 / 933

ITS 942 / 943

ITS Accessories

Right angle alloy worm (CM) square style

CM Accessories

CM026 12mm output bore

CM030 14mm output bore

CM040 18mm output bore

CM050 25mm output bore

CM063 25mm output bore

CM070 28mm output bore

CM075 28mm output bore

CM090 35mm output bore

CM110 42mm output bore

CM130 45mm output bore

Input flange (REQUIRED)

Right angle hollow bore alloy bevel (CMB)

CMB 402 18/20mm hollow output bore - 2 stage

CMB 502 25mm hollow output bore - 2 stage

CMB 633 25mm hollow output bore - 3 Stage

CMB 903 35mm hollow output bore - 3 Stage

Right angle hollow bore cast helical Bevel (ITB)

Input flange (REQUIRED)

ITB 423

ITB 433

ITB 443

ITB Accessories

Hazardous electrical products

Aluminium EX enclosures

Ex adaptors & reducers

EX cable glands

A2EX QuickStop-Ex glands

A2FX double compression gland

ADE cable glands

ADEF1 Terminator glands

Barrier glands

E1EX glands

HEX nipples

Posi Grip compression gland for corrosive areas

RPG glands

TWA Terminator cable glands

TWAB barrier glands

TWAE cable glands

TWAX Termination cable glands

VARITEx glands

Ex control stations

EX junction boxes

Ex lighting

Ex sockets & plugtops

Hazardous area plugs

Polyester EX enclosures

Hooks, clamps, levers & handles

Connecting clamps

Hook clamps

T clamps

Toggle clamps


Adjustable handles

Crank handles

Cylindrical handles

General handles

Revolving handles

Safety handles



Indexing and positioning elements


Fluted grip knobs

Lobe knobs

Stainless steel lobe knobs

Wing knobs

Levelling elements for ground mounting

Lever arms

Operating elements

Spoked handwheels

Lightning protection products

Data and signal line protection


POE and LAN protectors

Telephone and data line protectors

Direct strike protection

Air terminals

Direct strike accessories


Guardian terminals

Lightning warning system

Smooth weave conductors

Stormaster terminals

Support masts

Termination kits

Earthing & bonding

Earth rods & couplers

2 x hole cable crimp lugs

Bonds and clamps

Compression clamps


Earth bars

Earth bonding and attachment points

Earth pits

Earthing accessories

Earthing enhancing compounds

EPR safety mat

Exo thermic weld metal products

Flexible braids

Mechanical clamps

Telecommunication earthing bars

LPI tapes

Series powerline protection

Shunt powerline protection

Alarm interface module

Spark gap

Surge protection device modules

Three phase surge protection

Lockout tagout

Group lock boxes

Lockout devices

Circuit breaker lockout

Cord & cable lockout

Electrical lockout equipment

Lockout boards & cabinets

Lockout hasps

Valve lockouts

Lockout kits

Lockout tagout signs

Lockout tags


Compact cable padlocks

Compact padlocks

Long-body safety padlocks

Nylon safety padlocks - non-conductive

Padlock pouches, panels & stations

Safety Plus keyed alike padlock packs

Safety Plus padlocks

Stainless-steel safety padlocks

Safety kits

Machining & customisation

Neutral & earthing bars

100-amp earth bars

165-amp earth bars

2 x M10 studs

2 x M8 studs

2 x M8 studs each end

3 x M10 studs

4 x M10 studs

Compact neutral bars

250-amp neutral/earthing bars

2 x M10 stud (35mm² tunnels)

2 x M8 studs (25mm² tunnels)

2 x M8 studs combination tunnel size (35mm² & 16mm²)

300-amp neutral/earth bars

300-amp 2xM10 studs

Covered links

Black covered links

Clear covered links

Red covered links


Line taps & adaptors


140-amp link bars

90-amp link bars

Stud only bars

165-amp stud only

250-amp stud only

Portable printers & labels - Brady

Benchtop sign & label printers

BMP31/33/41/51/53 labels & tape


BMP21 labels & tape

Indoor/outdoor vinyl labels

Nylon cloth labels

Self-laminating polyester labels

Self-laminating vinyl labels

BMP21 portable label printers

BMP21 Lab

BMP21 Plus

BMP21 printer accessories

BMP41 printer & labels

BMP61 labels & tape

BMP61 printer

BMP71 labels & tape

BMP71 nylon cloth tapes

BMP71 polyester tapes

BMP71 printer labels

BMP71 vinyl self laminating tapes

BMP71 printer

Globalmark printer

B-595 vinyl film

Ink jet - self-laminating wire & cable markers

Permasleeve heat shrink labels

Printer software

Special offers

TLS 2200 printer - labels & ribbons

Power transmission - assortment

Grab packs

Key steel


Power transmission - couplings

Chain couplings

Cone ring couplings

Coupling hubs

Curved jaw couplings - GE

Curved jaw couplings - GR

Gear couplings

Parker DC


HRC couplings

Jaw couplings










Max dynamic coupling (Omega equivalent)

Rigid couplings

Spacer couplings

Tyre couplings

Universal joint

Power transmission - gears

Spur gears

Power transmission - pulleys

Aluminium pulleys

1A pulley

1B pulley

2A pulley

2B pulley

Stepped A section

Cast iron taper lock pulleys

SPA pulleys

SPB pulleys

SPC pulleys

SPZ pulleys

Taper lock bushes

















Power transmission - roller chain

Agri-Tuff chain

Agricultural chain


Pressed steel

Roller chain

ASA chain

ASA 100

ASA 120

ASA 140

ASA 160

ASA 180

ASA 200

ASA 25

ASA 35

ASA 37

ASA 38

ASA 40

ASA 41

ASA 50

ASA 60

ASA 80

ASA chain - economy

ASA heavy duty chain

Attachment chain

BS chain












BS chain - economy

Double pitch chain

Curved side plate

Flat side plate

Leaf chain

AL leaf chain

BL leaf chain

Power transmission - shaft fixings


Stainless steel bearings

Four-hole flange housings

Pillow block housings

Shaft Collars

Take up housings

Two-hole flange housings

Weld on hubs

Power transmission - sprockets

ASA sprockets

ASA120 plate wheel

ASA120 sprocket

ASA25 sprocket

ASA35 plate wheel

ASA35 sprocket

ASA38 sprocket

ASA40 plate wheel

ASA40 sprocket

ASA41 sprocket

ASA50 sprocket

ASA60 sprocket

ASA80 plate wheel

ASA80 sprocket

BS sprockets

06B plate wheel

06B sprocket

08B plate wheel

08B sprocket

10B plate wheel

10B sprocket

12B plate wheel

12B sprocket

16B plate wheel

16B sprocket

Taper lock sprockets

06B taper lock sprockets

08B taper lock sprockets

10B taper lock sprockets

12B taper lock sprockets

16B taper lock sprockets

Weld fit sprockets & hubs

08B weld fit sprockets

10B & ASA50 weld fit sprockets

12B & ASA60 weld fit sprockets

16B & ASA80 weld fit sprockets

Agricultural weld fit sprockets

ASA40 weld fit sprockets

Weld fit hubs

Power transmission - V belts

A section V-belts

B section V-belts

C section V-belts

M section V-belts

Pumps - replace & repair

Rewinding & repairs

Safety signs

Asbestos signs

Building & construction site signs

Construction mesh

Custom signs

Danger signs & labels

Electrical signs

Emergency information signs

Emergency signs

Exit & evacuation signs

Forklift safety signs

Infection control signs

Machinery & operational signss

Prohibition signs

Safety labels & signs

Traffic signs

Vehicle signs

Warning signs

Side channel blowers

Soft starters

ABB soft starters

Soft starter PSE

Soft starter PSR

Soft starter PSS

Soft starter PST

Soft starter PSTB

Soft starter PSTX

Toshiba soft starters



Pressure switches

Push button contacts

Tech accessories



Device cables


Extension leads



UPS solutions

Riello Dual UPS - tower or 2RU rack mount

Riello iDialog

Riello Net Power UPS - Tower

Riello on-line UPS

Riello Sentinal UPS

Riello Vision UPS - Tower

UPS accessories

Var-Spe variator series

Speed variators

K2, K4, K5 series

Var-Spe accessories

Variator controls

Variator feet

Variator flanges

Variator output cover

Variable speed drives

ABB drives

ABB VFD accessories

ACS550 general purpose drives

General purpose drives ACS310

General purpose drives ACS480

General purpose drives ACS580

HVAC drives ACH580

Industrial drives ACS880

Industrial drives DCS800

Machinery drives ACS355

Micro drives ACS150


Invertek Accessories

KB Penta

KB Penta Accessories


IP20 / IP00 A510 Advanced Vector Control VSD

IP20 E510 General Purpose VSD

IP20 L510 Compact VSD (good option for pumps/OEM)

IP55 F510 Pump & Fan VSD

IP66 E510 General Purpose VSD


General Purpose Drive IP20 VFS15

Toshiba Accessories

VFD Accessories

Enclosure Cooling Fan & Filter Air Vents

Line Reactor - 3-phase Line Reactor to reduce main


Pressure Transducer

Sinewave Filter


Workplace safety, signs, labels

Signs & labels

Spill control

Stair & floor markers

Stairs & ladders

Workplace safety & security

Safety cones