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Create a safe workplace with lockout tagout

Why use lockout tagout? The vast range of devices and products in Brady's lockout tagout range protect workers from any piece of equipment that carries energy.

An example is an energising circuit breaker that starts a motor.

The lockout process ensures equipment is not used by unauthorised personal.

Lockout devices include padlocks, lockout jaws, hasps, devices for gate and ball valves, cable and cord lockout, circuit breakers, butterfly valves, plugs, kits and stations, key safes, tags, ties and much more.

On a visit to Royce Cross Group, Brady's national business development manager for lockout tagout solutions David Cassidy said national and state workplace health and safety regulations and codes of practice placed obligations on organisations to undertake risk and hazard analysis.

Brady's range of lockout tagout assist workplaces to meet these regulatory requirements. Its lockout tagout range also has specific products for various industries, such as marine, processing plants, machinery and much more.

Lockout tags provide lockout information to enhance safety at various energy points.


Among the many key products are Brady's range of padlocks. A one-piece nylon body with a brass lock and body sheath are attributes of the Brady locks. It means the nylon casing is not going to break apart.

"Between the shackle and the keyway, we have a non-conductive pathway between the keyway and ball bearings," David says.

"This means the pathway between the padlock and the key is non-conductive."

David says another attribute is the keys can't be duplicated at a locksmith, with replacements available only through Brady.

"Custom labelling the padlock allows it to tell more of a story. The colour of the padlock also can be used by application. The custom nameplate further identifies its use in process," he says.

"Numbering padlocks assists in auditing and controlling accountability. The label provides a lot of functionality and customising by application."

Padlocks are available in stainless steel, brass, and standard or super strong styles.


  • A planned safety procedure
  • Involves turning off, locking out and tagging out energy sources
  • Protects workers from risks posed by live machinery or electricity