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Precision and control in lockout padlocks

PRECISION and control for lockout programs are among the many benefits of Brady's safekey lockout padlocks.

Boasting a variety of options to fit your specific application and facility needs, the padlocks' locking mechanism and key blade design offer easy operation as well as greater control.

The padlocks have extra smooth key insertion and removal as well as:

  • Fast identification with the color-matched key and lock body;
  • Maintain key integrity with low-friction locking mechanism; and,
  • Excellent durability in every industrial environment.

The padlocks have added safety with non-conductive ball bearings and driver; ehanced security with two side-locking bars and their single-piece body desing provides extra durability.

To find out more about the lockout padlock range, contact key distributor Royce Cross Group  on 08 8269 4000 or