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BMP21-Plus blitz bundle exclusive to Royce Cross Group

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Tough yet smart. That's among the reasons why it's hard to beat Brady's rugged all-rounder: the BMP21-Plus.

The portable label printer can produce labels for such applications as server rooms, bar codes, circuit boards, data communications, facility, safety and maintenance identification, general and industrial, healthcare, wire and cable marking, panel identification and much more.

With smart automatic formatting, the BMP21-Plus labeller is easy to operate. It involves three steps: drop in a label cartridge into the unit, type and print.

Wire markers, cable flags, all-purpose vinyl, self-laminating labels and nylon cloth are among the many jobs the BMP21-Plus printer can fulfill.

If you buy before June 30, Royce Cross Group is offering a bundle with exceptional value. For $275 plus GST, the Royce Cross Group-only bundles includes the printer, four cartridges and a soft carry case worth $359. Get in quick before supplies run out.

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NOTE: All discounts are excluded from this deal. The $275 plus GST is the same for all customers. Customers also pay for all shipping costs. Returns incur a restocking fee and all items must be returned.