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Limited time: Brady printer bundle offers

Brady printer bundle offer - expires July 2020 

Royce Cross Group has the perfect printer for laboratory, electrical and safety and facility identification. And for a limited time in July, you can save a bundle with the following offers:


LABORATORY IDENTIFICATION: Grab a J2000 label printer from Brady for your laboratory identification.J2000 printer

Bundle includes:

+ BradyJet J2000 colour label priner with Lab software suite

+ 1500 white BradyJet J2000 laboratory vial and tube labels - 9.52mm x 9.52mm x 25.4mm

+ White BradyJet J2000 continuous laboratory tape - 28.47mm x 30.5m

PRICE:  $3824 + GST (part number: 879331)--- save more than $100



SAFETY & FACILITATION IDENTIFICATION: The safety and facility printer bundle includes:

S3100 Brady printer

+ Brady S3100 sign and label printer

+ Brady workstation safety and facility ID software suite

+ White B30 series B-595 indoor/outdoor vinyl labels - 101.6mm x 30.48m

+ Black B30-R10000 ribbon - 60.96m

PRICE:  $2856.00 + GST (part number: 879332) --- save more than $900


ELECTRICAL IDENTIFICATION: The perfect bundle for electrical identification includes:

Brady BBP12 label printer

+ Brady BBP12 label printer with LabelMark 6 software

+ 2500 white Durasleeve wire-marking inserts - 4mm x 15mm inserts

+ 1000 Durasleeve wire-marking carriers - 15mm

+ Black printer ribbon - 110mm x 70m

PRICE: $1330.00  + GST  (part number: 879333) -   save more than $360



EXPIRES: July 2020

Contact the team at Royce Cross Group for the Brady printer bundle offer now before the offer expires: