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Royce Cross has been specialising in electric motor rewinding and repairs since 1973. The combination of qualified electricians, expertise and specialist equipment ensures your motor is in professional hands. The Royce Cross Group team is capable of rewinding all sizes of field frames and armature windings.

No matter the age or size of your equipment, the Royce Cross Group team is the first call for all electric motor repairs. This is because our team boasts the experience and ability to repair all electric motors as well as the knowledge to determine when a motor needs to be replaced. Our reputation and specialist services have ensured we have repeat customers and regular transactions with small to large organisations throughout Australia.

Royce Cross Group works with quality bearings and seals. Every motor undergoing rewinding is tested thoroughly. Not only will your motor work like new but it will look like it, too, with a full service, clean and respray.

We also provide machining services for worn journals, bearing housings and general machining services.  Royce Cross Group also provides machining for commutators, which includes skimming and undercutting.

Royce Cross Group alos is reliable. We also offer emergency breakdown rewinds and repairs.

Call the electric motor specialists on (08) 8269 4000 for service and advice.