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"User" means the person or entity using the website.
"Owner" means the company that owns the website, Royce Cross Group
"Service Provider" means the company providing the website content management system and hosting services to the Owner for the website.
"Website" means ""

Agreement to be bound by Terms
It is a condition of use of this site that Users agree to these Terms and Conditions.
By registering to use this site Users agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

The User warrants that they are either the person, or in the case of a corporation, an authorised representative of the corporation, that is named as the User in the registration form. It is a breach of this User agreement and also a misrepresentation with both potential civil and criminal consequences for a person to register as a User that they are not authorised to represent for this purpose.
The Owner reserves the right at any stage to contact a User to confirm both the validity of the account and also the currency and security of the passwords used.

From time to time information that would normally be available through the site (including supplier's catalogs) may not be able to be accessed online because of technical or other problems. The Owner, and the Service Provider expressly excludes liability to any User of this site in respect of the unavailability of content regardless of whether or not this unavailability is caused by the negligence of the Owner or the Service Provider.

Privacy and Storage of your personal information
It is necessary for the Owner to capture information about you in order to provide the services offered through this website. The use of the information and your rights in respect of it is set out in the Privacy Statement on this Website.

Whilst all effort is made to keep pricing on this website up to date it is possible at times it may be out of date. As such prices on this website should only be considered as an "invitation to treat" rather than as an offer to provide these products at these prices. Your order and payment of goods will be deemed to be an offer and acceptance only happens when we accept the order. The website automatically sends you an order confirmation email. This email merely acknowledges that we have received your order but does not commit us to supply at the prices contained in the offer. Acceptance of your offer will be communicated manually.

All prices are correct at time of publication, & subject to change without notice. Prices do not include GST. This will be added to the invoice in accordance with the Tax Act.

The User agrees to indemnify the Owner and the Service Provider against any claim for loss or damage of any kind by any third party arising out of, or in relation to, the use of the Website by the User.

Material on this site is all the copyright of the Owner or the Service Provider and the copying or use of this information is not permitted unless prior written permission is received from the site owner.

Currency Converter
This website uses to provide the currency conversion calculation tool. Conversions shown on this website are approximate values and are to be taken as a guide only. We do not take any reasonability for bank charges, conversion charges or transaction charges associated with the transaction placed on this website. All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars.

No goods will be returned unless:-

  • Prior authorisation has been given by Owner.
  • The correct invoice number has been quoted on the Purchasers return docket.
  • Returns are made within 7 Days after receipt of goods by the purchaser. At our discretion, if we accept the returns after this time a re-stocking fee of 20% may be charged.
  • Reason for return is clearly stated on Purchasers return form.
  • No credit will be given on faulty goods until the fault has been confirmed by Owner.
  • All goods returned must be in their original packaging & shall not be soiled, damaged or obsolete as such goods will be rejected or credited at a reduced price.
  • The cost of freight in returning goods will be the responsibility of the Purchaser.

I/we the company Director(s)/Partner(s)/Proprietor acknowledge that should an account be granted to the Company/Partnership/Business

(the Debtor/Purchaser/Customer) then the following conditions apply:-

  1. The reference to the purchaser in these terms and conditions means the purchaser, his/her employees and any person appearing to have the authority of the purchaser.
  2. The purchaser agrees that the payments to Royce Cross Agencies will be made within 30 days from the date of the invoice and if at any time moneys are overdue, the whole debt then becomes due and Royce Cross Agencies shall be at liberty to sue for the recovery of the whole debt. The Purchaser will be liable for all costs incurred by Royce Cross Agencies in recovering the debt.
  3. All amounts not paid by the purchaser within 30 days of the date of invoice shall bare interest at a rate being the equivalent to the amount allowed by the supreme court of New South Wales in respect of judgement debts as at the date of such invoice.
  4. In the event of the supplier's written demand for payment remaining outstanding for a period of seven (30) days from the date of demand, the purchaser irrevocably authorises the supplier or his representative to enter any premises where the goods, or any of them, are situated, or where the supplier reasonably believes the goods, or any of them, are situated, and to take possession of and remove those goods without incurring any liability whatsoever.
  5. Subject to the clauses contained in the Trade Practices Act 1974. Royce Cross Agencies will not be liable to and will be indemnified by the purchaser or any third party which arise out of any defects whatsoever caused which may exist in any goods delivered by Royce Cross Agencies to the purchaser. In cases where Part V Division 2 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 applies the Company shall be limited;(a) In the case of goods, to any one of the following as the Company in its sole discretion may determine: (i) the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; or (ii) the repair of the goods; or (iii) the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or (iv) the payment for having the goods repaired
  6. Royce Cross Agencies will not be liable in any manner what so ever for delay in delivery or non delivery which is attributed to transport delays, unavailability of materials, lockouts, shortages of vehicles or any other cause that may delay or cancel delivery. Quoted Delivery & Consignment dates are estimates only. A delivery & handling charge will be applied to all deliveries this will be borne by the Purchaser.
  7. If at the request of the purchaser a delivery vehicle in the service of Royce Cross Agencies enters a job site the purchaser will indemnify Royce Cross Agencies against all claims from any person which may arise from entry onto the job site.
  8. The prices quoted are subject to acceptance by the Client for the Goods as set out in the quotation or other such documents given by Royce Cross Agencies. The client accepts the quotation and/or the price quoted in this agreement and all the terms and conditions on the commencement of delivery by Royce Cross Agencies. All Quotation remains valid for thirty days commencing from the date shown on the quotation. An acceptance received by Royce Cross Agencies after a period of 30 days from the said date is subject to the right of Royce Cross Agencies to alter the terms offered, including a revision of the price quotation.
  9. All prices are correct at time of publication, & subject to change without notice. Prices do not include GST. This will be added to the invoice in accordance with the Tax Act.
  10. The ownership of all goods delivered or sold by Royce Cross Agencies to the purchaser remain the property of Royce Cross Agencies until payment in full for all the goods delivered to the purchaser has been received by Royce Cross Agencies, but the risk in the goods shall pass to the Client upon delivery to the Client's premises. It is the Customers responsibility to insure the goods.
  11. Royce Cross Agencies reserves the right to accept or decline any order or part of an order. Royce Cross Agencies requires all orders to be in writing, with a purchase order number quoted.
  12. Unless otherwise requested, any goods ordered which are not in stock will be placed on backorder. Backorders will be supplied at the original purchase price.
  13. Where goods are returned in accordance with section number 12. Only a credit note is issued. No cash refund will be given.
  14. Royce Cross Agencies shall not be liable to the customer for any false or misleading information given to the customer, or any damage caused by the negligence of the company's employees or agents.
  15. The Purchaser may only be classed as a Distributor & therefore be given Distributor pricing at the discretion of Royce Cross Agencies. The Distributor must meet a specified sales amount ( given by Royce Cross Agencies ) in order to continue on the Distributor pricing level. If this is not fulfilled by the Purchaser, then Royce Cross Agencies may place the Purchaser on a different pricing structure.
  16. All goods purchased are covered by the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act.
  17. These terms & conditions may be updated without notice. Copies of terms & conditions will be available for viewing upon request.