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Royce Cross Group aims to provide as many current brochures and manuals of its vast array of products. 

If you have specific requirements or would like to discuss any product, contact our technical team on 1300 553 229.

For an overview of our company's vast range, browse our Royce Cross Group catalogue (Click to view.).

Royce Cross Group general catalogue

Royce Cross Agencies catalogue

AJF Electrical Distributors catalogue

RCG data catalogue: cabling, fibre optics and 19″ racks

Chains & Accessories catalogue 

Electric motors

RCG Three phase alloy frame brochure

RCG Single-phase range

RCG / REMX EF Series Three Phase (Cast Iron) 

RCG cast iron series explosion view

RCG air movement motors  

RCG air-movement replacement guide

Electric Motor Flange Dimension Reference 

Electric Motor Amperage Reference

Crompton Greaves B56 Single Phase 

Crompton Greaves Evaporative Cooler Motors 

Crompton Greaves Bricksaw Motors

Crompton Greaves Oil Burner Motors (Chicken Feeder) 

Crompton Greaves Three Phase (Alloy) 

Crompton Greaves B56 Three Phase 

Crompton Greaves Three Phase Brake Motors - Page 4(Alloy) 

Teco single phase motors

ABB electric motors cast iron general purpose

ABB electric motors general purpose

Fan Forced Kits 63-132 frames

Fan Forced Kits 160-355 frames

DC motors & controllers, Baldor

Transtecno DC Motor Catalogue

AC & DC Motors & Drives Catalogue

DC Motor User Guide

DC Motor product guide

Servo Products & Positioning Systems Catalogue

NEMA Dimensions

KBVF Flyer

KBDA Flyer   

Variable speed drives

Teco E510 IP20 & IP66 compact drives catalogue

Teco E510 user manual

Teco L510s drive catalogue

Teco L510s user manual

Teco F510 drive catalogue

Teco F510 user manual

Toshiba VFS15 & VFS15S variable speed drives

Toshiba VFS15 user manual

Toshiba VFS15 user manual - parameter list

ABB AC drives & softstarters catalogue

ABB ACS580 general purpose drives catalogue

ABB ACS480 general purpose drives catalogue

ABB ACS550 general purpose drives catalogue

ABB ACS310 general purpose drives catalogue

ABB ACS355 machinery drives

Soft Starters

ABB PSR, PSE & PSTX soft starters

Toshiba TMC7 soft starters

Toshiba TMC7 soft starters user manual

Electrical Accessories

RCG capacitors

Teco Direct on line starters & contactors

Teco Direct on line starter brochure

Teco star delta starters

Pulset electrical accessories catalogue

Geared motor & gearbox brochures 

Transtecno Gearboxes General Catalogue

Transtecno CL worm gearmotors

Transtecno Alu modular gearboxes

Transtecno Iron modular gearboxes

Transtecno Alu installation & maintenance

Transtecno Alu DC gearmotors

Transtecno Alu BLDC gearmotors 24/36/48V

Transtecno poultry & pig Tecno general catalogue

FireTecno range for the biomass (pellet, corn, etc) boiler sector

Car –WashTecno is a product line dedicated to car-wash systems

SolarTecno for movement solar trackers & concentrators

Transtecno Right Angle CM range Geared Motors 

Transtecno Inline CMC range Geared Motors 

Transtecno Bevel Geared Motors 

Transtecno DC Motor catalogue

Spit motors 3 or 6 rpm

Var-Spe K2 D71 0.37kW catalogue

Var-Spe K2 D80 0.75kW catalogue


Direct Current Motors and Drives 1/50 - 3000 Hp

Standard motor product catalogue

Varspe Speed Variators 

Varspe general catalogue

Varspe instruction manual K2-K5

Varspe instruction manual 15-17B

Tsubaki-Kabelschlepp Cable Carrier

Kabelschlepp product profile

The Kabelschlepp cable carrier catalogue

TRAXLINE Cables for motion

UNIFLEX Advanced series 1455

UNIFLEX Advanced series 1555

UNIFLEX Advanced series 1655

Vass busway systems

Vass busway systems & products brochure

Lightning protection

Lightning protection summary brochure

Lightning protection & earthing brochure

LPI power line protection summary

Guardian Lightning protection system 5

Guardian Plus brochure

Installation manual - EPIT-P & SCER3020

Product drawing - SCER 15 range

Product drawing - SCER 19 range

LPI Earth enhancing compounds

MSDS - Grip part 1

MSDS - Grip part 2

TDS - Grip

Lightning protection for vessels

Stormaster brochure

LPI Installation Manual – Stormaster

TDS stormaster brochure

Test certificate - STORMASTER-ESE-60

Installation manual - Stormaster

TDS - SG surge protection device

TDS - Coaxial surge protection

LPI - Load cell protectors

LPI - Local area network protector

Surge protection for UPS flyer

Powerline protection - TDS - DLSF series

LPI Bluetooth surge protection

Riello UPS catalogues

Riello Uninterrupted Power Supply Solutions - Sentinel Pro

Riello Sentinel Pro user manual

Riello iDialog 400 - 1600 VA UPS catalogue

Riello iDialog 400 - 1600 VA UPS user manual

Sentinel Rack (SER) 1.5 - 3 kVA catalogue

Sentinel Rack (SER) 1.5 - 3 kVA user manual

Cable Care

Cable tie sizing

Cable tie mounts & fixings

Plastic P-clips

Heatshrink - flame retardant

Warren & Brown

Optical Fibre Infrastucture High Density Solutions Brochure

HypaConnect Copper Structured Cabling Catalogue

HypaFox MTP/MPO Catalogue

Wireless / Mobiles Network Infrastructure Solutions

Optical Fibre Catalogue

HypaConnectivity Infrastructure for ICT Networks

Data Centre & Enterprise Solutions Catalogue

Ducting Raceway Catalogue

Harsh Enviroment Connectivity

Conversion charts

RCG flange chart

RCG inch to mm conversion chart

Covid-19 supplies

Covid-19 signs, posters, sanitiser and more

Power Transmission

Basics sheet - keyway sizes, motor speeds etc

Chain chart

Conversion chart - imperial to metric

Identifying chain - counting

Taperlock specifications

Taperlock Metric range & keyways

Taperlock imperial range & keyways


Reference guide for the standard terms & basic dimensions of sprockets


Aluminium pulleys dimensions

Cast iron SPA taper lock pulleys

Cast iron SPB taper lock pulleys

Cast iron SPC taper lock pulleys

Timing pulleys 3M & 5M

Timing pulleys metric T5 & T10


Chain couplings

Cone ring couplings

Cone ring coupling power rating

Curved jaw couplings taper lock

Curved jaw coupling power ratings

Curved jaw couplings pilot bore

Curved tooth coupling

Flexible tyre couplings

Flexible tyre coupling power ratings

HRC couplings

HRC couplings power ratings

Jaw couplings

Jaw coupling specifications

Rigid couplings

Spacer coupling

Coupling element identification chart

Couplings comparison chart

Tsubaki Chain

Tsubaki chain catalogue general

Lambda chain KF series high temp & food applications

Surface treated Neptune Chain

PC Chain (engineering plastic combination chain)

Integrated attachment chain

TAL attachment chain

Small size conveyor chains & sprockets

Large size conveyor chains & sprockets

British standard conveyor chain

Leaf (forklift) chains chart

Top chain

Plastic top chain bevedophin 


Tsubaki power performance mining industry

US Mining chain

Heavy duty engineering class drive chain

Shuttle hawk shuttle car chain


Tsubaki performance for the Port Industry

Timber, pulp & paper

Forestry products catalogue

Sharp top chain

Speedmaster drive chain

81X Lambda lube free chain

Timber & Pulp Mill products brochure

Power & Performance for Paper & Pulp industry brochure


Tsubaki Performance for Steel Industry

Food & Beverage

Food industry catalogue

Lambda lube free for chocolate & confectionary

Gripper chain (for films)

Pin oven chain

LSC Series stainless steel chain

LSK series stainless steel chain


Tsubaki power for sugar industry

Agri-tuff chains

Waste Treatment

Waste treatment chain

Chain related information

Installation & maintenance guide

Conveyor chain automatic lubricator

Corrosion resistant chains & sprockets guide

Brady catalogues

Brady portable printer comparison guide

Brady product, wire, cable & industrial identification

BMP 21 Label printer brochure

BMP 21 printer user manual

BMP 21 materials guide

BMP 61 Label printer brochure

BMP 71 Label Printer Brochure

BMP 71 specifications sheet

BMP 71 user manual

GlobalMark product brochure

Brady lockout / tagout brochure

Mining industry catalogue

Floor & area marking brochure

Laboratory ID brochure

Tough stripe floor marking brochure

Brady sorbents brochure

The Importance of Safety Signs

Which Sign Material To Use?


Energy isolation programs

ABB Automation products

ABB low voltage components 

ABB motor protection & control

ABB maunal motor starters MS116 / MS132 / MO132 / MS132-T Catalog pages