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Energy savings with general-purpose drive

Not only are the general-purpose drives from ABB simple to use, they boast the added benefit of energy efficiencies.

And it's they are the key reasons for choosing the general-purpose drive to take charge of control and energy saving in many applications.

For example, Royce Cross Group director Phillip Cross says the general purpose ACS580 drive from ABB can be programed by the Royce Cross Group team foreffortless control with the quality RCG electric motors.

He says the ACS580 is designed to optimise the use of motors. 

ABB's general purpose drives offer:

  • Drives with all the essential features built-in, simplifying drive selection, installation and use.
  • Intuitive user interfaces for quick drive setup and commissioning.
  • Built-in features for energy efficiency helping you save and manage energy.
  • Wide availability via ABB’s value provider network.